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GRAFF presenting buckts full of textile waste

GRAFF's Mission: Unwasting The Waste

We want to make the fashion industry more sustainable for all!​

We plan to accomplish this through our game-changing material, TEXTERIAL, made out of textile waste and by operating in a Circular Economy.


Our circular economy approach allows fashion brands to transform their waste into useful products, such as hangers. This not only provides a sustainable alternative to landfill disposal, incineration, and recycling but also means that any damage to our products doesn't result in additional waste. Instead, these can be collected, remolded, and turned into new products.

Trees From Above
GRAFF Lifecycle: brand partnership, waste collection, production, store collection, molding


At GRAFF, we are committed to sustainability and aim to revolutionize industries. Our cutting-edge TEXTERIAL offers a solution that empowers businesses to become part of the sustainable solution, while also enhancing their brand image, profit margins, and overall sustainability efforts.

  • Minimizing textile waste

  • Lowering CO2 & methane gas emissions

  • Reducing plastic usage & waste

  • More sustainable than recycling

  • Promoting education on sustainability 

  • Improving health & living conditions

  • Creating sustainable jobs

  • Enhancing ESG score & brand reputation

  • Generating higher profit margins

  • Producing high-quality & long-lasting products

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